Monday, 28 February 2011

Does Rooney escaping punishment symbolise all that is wrong with the FA?

Wayne Rooney has escaped punishment for his elbow on James McCarthy against Wigan on Saturday.

As the referee Mark Clattenburg did not book Rooney at the time, the FA had the option to ban him retrospectively but it seems they have not decided to take any action.

Footage seems to show that when McCarthy tried to block Rooney off, the England hitman stung an elbow forcefully into the side of the midfielder's face.

If the referee says he did not see the incident, which he surely must not have based on the fact Rooney was not given a card, the FA can take action themselves.

This has not happened however and as Clattenburg has said he thought he took the appropriate action, the FA is powerless.

As an objective fan, to me at least, that elbow looked dangerous and malicious- two things which should not be tolerated in our game.

To McCarthy's credit, he did not make a big deal of it and that may have helped Rooney.

The disciplinary system of the FA however, seriously needs to be looked at.

With their desire not to undermine officials, they are sacrificing their power to stamp out challenges and incidents which should not be tolerated.

If for example, a player is booked for a challenge, even if on retrospective viewing it was the worst tackle ever and did/could have resulted in serious injury, the FA cannot overrule the card and the player will escape any further action.

This surely cannot be right.

Just because the referee missed it or had a different opinion, doesn't mean he was right and the FA should have the bottle to admit their officials are not perfect.

Their inability to acknowledge technology, even replays after a game, are beneficial is once of their biggest weaknesses and symbolises everything that is wrong in the FA.

If they did, we would get a fairer game and much much more uniform discipline across the board.

What do you think?

Are there any changes you'd like to see at the FA or in football as a whole?


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