Saturday, 26 February 2011

Will Fernando Boom or Bust?

I can think of many many ways I would spend £50 million.

A new car, or twenty. A huge house with my own small stadium in it's grounds. Maybe a new pair of jeans?

Roman Abramovich however, has decided to spend his £50 million on something different (probably because he already has everything listed above and more). Abramovich has decided to spend his money on a World Cup winning Spaniard who quite frankly looks like a walking talking been pole at six feet tall and 70 kilograms.

Torres, in all seriousness, has not been at his best this season. Many have said he hasn't performed for the last eighteen months, but a look at his eighteen goals in twenty-two starts at Liverpool tend to refute that claim.

Torres' first two games have left little to be desired, however. Liverpool fans have been smiling smugly, believing they have cleverly got rid of a player past his prime for a price tens of millions of pounds more than he is worth.

Sadly for them though, Torres is far from past his best and they have spent it on something of a risk in Andy Carroll (but that is for another time).

The bottom line is Fernando Torres is a touch of class.

Despite what Liverpool fans may outwardly say, they would rather have him leading their attack then a combination of Carroll, Kuyt, Suarez and N'Gog.

Why? Because Torres is a bona fide superstar. Chelsea are already gaining back that £50 million in shirt sales and gate receipts.

His goalscoring record is beyond doubt and his last match against Copenhagen went a long way to suggest he is slowly getting back to his destructive best.

His runs and drive panicked the defence for 90 minutes and the only thing between him and his name on the score sheet was the excellent Johan Wiland between the sticks.

As soon as Chelsea decide what formation to play him in, Torres will prove that form is temporary and class is indeed, permanent.

Is is only a matter of time before Torres will boom at Stamford Bridge.

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